Committee Reports – Mooroolbark Bowls Club

Reports from Committees will be posted here as they are made available.



 AGM Annual Report 2019-2020

Report from the Executive Director Merv Hicks

First of all my heart felt thank you to all members of the club for their support through these troubling times.

It has been a year of two halves.

The first 6 months we had a satisfying and successful season with the Bowls division both on and off the rink.  This being complemented by the hiring a paid coach who has had a positive effect on the club as a whole.

The Board arranged to have solar installed to assist with lowering our electricity account, we also had outside toilets erected, and arranged a lease for Hungry Jacks to lease car parking in the front car park.

Thank you to all who have given their time freely, be it with the Monday Morning Crew or Catering for Saturday Bistro, Friday Nights, and Outside Functions.

Bar Staff and club functions would not be possible without members giving their free time to the club and would not return a profit from these activities. We encourage more members to involve themselves in the running of our club.

Thanks to Doug Agnew for the wonderful greens he prepares for us, we are complimented on them by visiting clubs when we are home or away.

The club has unfortunately had 3 break-ins which led us to install two new cameras under the verandah, and cameras on the green keepers shed, plus new lights.

Second half of the year, has been badly affected by COVID-19 both operationally and financially. But I’m confident we can bounce back from this in the future.

The Board would thank all members who paid their fees early to help stabilise the club until we are up and running again.

Thanks to Jackie Mackay for starting the Barkers Byte newsletter to keep us connected with the club during these troubling times

In closing I thank all members of the Board for their tireless input and support.

Please keep safe and well.

Merv Hicks

Executive Director

Board  Report

On behalf of the Board of Directors I am pleased to present the Annual Report for the year 2019/2020. Normally, this report only includes events until the AGM in May; this report, however, includes events to date (i.e. during the period of COVID-19 restrictions). As you will be aware this Report takes the place of the Annual Report booklet that is usually distributed at the Annual General Meeting and is therefore limited in the amount of information contained.

This last year has been a very different one and has presented the Board and the Committees with many challenges, particularly in 2020. However as you can see from the various reports below, the Club has managed to address these in a timely and positive manner.

Despite the current lockdown and closure of the Club, there have been a number of highlights in the last year including the winning of four section flags for our Pennant Teams, the installation of Solar Panels on the roof and construction of external toilets, so well done and congratulations to all those involved. Refer to the individual Reports for more details.

We also published the new in-house Club newsletter The Barkers Byte. This has been very well received. A big thank you to Jackie MacKay for her hard work for initiating and producing it. Jackie is also our website person and worked hard on getting the website pages upgraded. Thanks also to Mandy Carter for her work on the Facebook page. It is pleasing to see them both being used for general and up to date information.


Of course there are always some disappointments during the year and this year has been particularly so with a number of break-ins (3) and the COVID-19 situation currently having a huge impact on the Club and the general Bowls Community.

The break-ins did cause some damaged to the facilities and we did lose some cash and supplies; fortunately we were able to recoup most of the loss from our insurance company. We have upgraded our security system with additional cameras and lighting and this will significantly reduce our risk in this area.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions and in accordance with State Government requirements, for the first time ever we have had to close the Club on two occasions to members. At other times when social and practice bowls were allowed we have had to limit numbers who could play on the greens. This was managed by the Bowls Committee so thank you.

Another consequence of the lockdown was that we have had no income during the COVID period apart from two small grants from the State Government and Members’ annual fees although the impact of this will be reflected in next year’s Finance Report. However the Club is in a reasonable financial position thanks to members paying their fees early and the sound financial management by the Finance Director and Board. This of course will depend on how long the lockdown continues and will have to be monitored very closely. Refer to the Finance  Report for details.

The Bar (when open) operated successfully and was able to generate a profit of $70k. So thanks to Bar Manager and Bar Committee (see Bar Report).


On a brighter note we continued to get very complimentary feedback from visitors and other clubs on the condition of our grounds and greens so well done all involved. Let’s hope that the restrictions are lifted in the near future (who knows when?) so we can get back on the greens and enjoy them.


Because of the uncertainty generated by COVID-19, the 2020/21 Members Year Book is on hold. The contents are being updated and will be ready for printing as soon as we are advised of the arrangements for the coming pennant season. Membership books will be delivered to all MBC Sponsors, who will be thanked personally for their ongoing support.


Membership is slightly down on last year but that is to be expected due to the current situation. See the Membership Report for details.


I mentioned earlier that four of our Pennant Teams won their sections and it was a shame that they could not play the Metro Finals due to COVID-19. This was a tremendous effort so congratulations to the players, Bowls Committee, Selection Panels and the coach Henny Cortenbach. This was a last hurrah for Neil Johnson who has decided to stand down as President of the Bowls Committee. We thank Neil for the 4 years of hard work and dedication he displayed as he now has a well earned break, although he intends to continue with his Selection Panel duties. Neville Roper will be Acting President until such time as elections can he held so congratulations Neville we look forward to working with you. Neville is a past Board Member so has a great deal of experience of Board matters as well as his bowls knowledge.


At this time it is difficult to plan for 2020/21 as no one knows when the Club can reopen and under what circumstances and whilst the Board and restrictions. However there are a number of matters that need to be addressed including succession planning for the Board and Committees and the next 5 year strategic plan.

Please note that all Directors have agreed to continue in their current positions until the next AGM can be held.

The Directors are

Executive Director – Merv Hicks

Administrative Director – Eric Atkinson

Finance Director –Stephen Rawlingson

Director – Barry Allman

Director – Mandy Carter

Director –Jim Michael

Director – Drew Pallot


So on behalf of the Board, we look forward to reopening the Club in the near future when we can once again enjoy bowling, the Club facilities and good company.

Eric Atkinson

Administrative Director.

2020 Membership report

The 2019-2020 year has seen the overall membership decrease slightly. This is primarily due to the fact that it includes paid up members only and not late paying members who have not received a follow up invoice. Also, Social members are down significantly as are Introductory Members.

Compared to the previous year, Introductory member numbers are less, Full members have increased, Restricted Bowling members are up and Social members are down.

I would like to thank Eric Atkinson and Stephen Rawlingson for their great help throughout the year.

Geoff Lade, Membership Secretary.

Breakdown of members as of July 2020


Bar Report.

Given that this year has had significant issues due to the COVID 19 I am pleased to report that the Bar has again provided a significant source of income to the Club ($70k).  This is due to the ongoing support of the Bar Committee and a few members.  The overall numbers of members volunteering to generate this income has been reduced compared to the previous financial year.

However, a big thank you must go to the barefoot bowls team (James Agnew and his crew) as they have generated a significant income into the club over the last year. They have also acted as bar staff to support the barefoot bowlers as well as members.

The upcoming year will be a huge challenge to the Club given the impact of COVID19 has had on the members and the entire community generally.

This challenge is for both the local community and the members of the Club to rise up to the occasion.

A Club is an association of people united by a common interest or goal.

Remember it is your Club, run by Club members to the benefit of Club members. So, if you are a member of the Club respect what your fellow members do to be part of your Club and don’t sit on the fence.

I would like to especially thank all the Bar Committee who have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months.

Venessa Cooper, Brian Birthisel , Neville Roper, Alan Dufton, Peter Laird, Colin Musgrove, Maurie Moss and Rob Telling.

These people are the ones that work behind the scenes to have your Club operating during this very challenging period.


Drew Pallot

Bar Manager

President’s report – 2020 – Annual Report.


Greetings and welcome to the 7th Annual General Meeting of the Mooroolbark Bowls Club Bowls Section.. A year of good success stories, lots of personal achievement awards, a few disappointments and no major problems except COVID 19.




Firstly, I must thank Henny for a job well done as our new coach.

We fielded 6 sides each Saturday, requiring 96 players. Through the year, 125 players were used in these sides.  After a slow start our number one side came from 10th to section winners at the end of the season, which means we now have a team in division one.  Our number four side, who had been in the top four all year, also won their section.

Thank you to all the members of all the teams who contributed throughout the year.


Mid-Week Pennant

We fielded 7 sides requiring 84 players, with 120 members used throughout the season. Of these seven sides, four played finals and the sixth team finished fifth – missing the finals by only one shot!!

In the finals, two teams were eliminated and the other two – our third and fifth sides – went on to win their sections.  Again, thank you and well done to everyone who played throughout the year.



Through the season, quite a few players achieved games and maximum shots milestones……….


8 Shot Winners

Saturday        Joe Violi, Ken Byrne, Sandra McLeod, Ken Frazer

Mid-Week      Bill Legge, Joe Violi, Ann Staggard, Rex Menser

Games Milestones

Saturday –

600 games – Bob Bell, John Drummond

400 games – Neil Johnson

300 games – Mamia Paulo, Drew Pallot

200 games – Tony McDonald, John Robinson, Carey Rudd

100 games – Ken Byrne, Marion Byrne, David Cowan, Greg Caspero

Mid-Week –

500 games – Robyn Smith, Margaret Thompson

200 games – Claire Richens, Ken Reid, John Cornwell, Lyn Cameron

100 games – Jim Warr, Peter Brown, Don McKie, John Baker

We also have another player who would have reached 200 throughout the year Terri Mascaro, taken too soon, Rest in Peace Terri.

Another interesting statistic that is produced by the selector’s reports is Top Skips for the Season

Saturday – 

Henny Cortenbach had           26 points with 89 shots up

Bill Legge had                         24 points with 92 shots up

Neil Johnson had                     23 points with 27 shots up

Mid-Week –

Dave Scott had                        26 points with 118 shots up

Neil Johnson had                     23 points with 57 shots up

Denise Kirby                           22 points with 23 shots up


A big thank you to all the people officiating on the original selection panels, and another big thankyou to all the people who jumped in and helped out when needed. It is a big, and sometimes thankless task, and the load needs to be shared. Thank you all.


Thank you, Denise Kirby, for looking after this for another year. Our balance as at 31/03/2020 was $4265.36 and we transferred $33,000 to the board for the season. I will now transgress for a moment to a topic dear to my heart – “Fares”.  Our system of renumerating drivers for transporting their team members to away games………

Saturday figures – at $2.00 per head – $3533 was collected and $3510 was paid out to the drivers to cover petrol etc. leaving $23 in the fund to kick start 2021 season.  Tuesday figures reflect a similar position – received $2898 with $2765 paid out.  A big thank you to John Baker and Judy Hodgson from both selection committees and myself for your great work in organising and supervising these systems.  I think it worked very well.


Now I would like to leave the pennant behind and talk about some of the other things that the bowls committee are ultimately responsible for.

Night Pennent – thank you to Tony McDonald for organising this competition again, and well done to the night-time people who represented our club this season. From all accounts you played well and enjoyed the games.

Social Bowls – very capably led by David Everitt and his helpers (Wednesday), Don McKie and team (Friday), Beryl Turner and Kaye Rawlingson (Sunday and special events). These folk have all done a super job and created much pleasure for our social players and for the pennant players who also enjoy these days. Our club benefits much from social events especially in the fun, friendship and frivolity fields.

A special mention here must also go to John Drummond who completed his 15th year running the extraordinarily successful Corporate Challenge. A huge thank you John for the 2020 challenge and all the other ones too.

A big thank you to all the above folk and their helpers and assistants.

Before I go any further, I must thank Doug Agnew and his team for preparing two of the best greens in the region. Due to this fact we were asked to host some of the region championships, including their premier event “The Champion of Champions”. This event took some organising – Pat Garden, Steve Rawlingson and Graham Storm – thank you for a tremendous job, well done.

Club Champions

Singles                        Steve Rawlingson and Mandy Carter

Minor Singles            Dennis Botten

Men’s 4’s                    Henny Cortenbach, Ian McLeod, Geoff Lade and Rex Tate

Mixed Triples            Dave Hillard, Doug Peck and Marg Tull

Men’s pairs                Carey Rudd and Gary Roberts

Ladies Pairs               Lyn Cameron and Jackie MacKay

Mixed Pairs               Ian McLeod and Trish Bosley

Men’s Triples                        Carey Rudd, Stuart Harris and Denis Peters

Ladies 100 Up            Mandy Carter

Men’s 100 Up             Ian McLeod

Mixed 4s                     Dave and Pam Hillard, Neville and Trish Bosley.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to ALL the competitors.  But special thanks for the organising and running of these competitions must go to Lyn Cameron and Jackie MacKay, the tournament directors and their committee.

Nearly done – a couple of last and final thank-you’s.

Thank you to all my committee members and the Board for their help and support throughout the year. It is with regret (and some relief) that I advised them all that I will not be standing for President next year. I have handed the reigns to Vice President Neville Roper to act as President effective 1/8/2020. Neville has indicated he is willing to fulfill this role until elections can be held post COVID 19.

Thank you to my wife Di for the invaluable support and help she has given me over the past 4 years whilst I have been President. In fact, I thank her for her support in my life – thanks Di for being you!

Finally – the last thing I have to say to you, the members of Mooroolbark Bowls Club, is keep supporting, helping and participating in any way you can so our club can continue to grow and always be a happy place to be.  Remember too – the club is greater than the individual and there is no I in team.

Keep well, keep safe, have fun

Neil Johnson, Immediate Past President, Mooroolbark Bowls Club

Projects Report

A number of projects were undertaken during the last 12 months including the Covid 19 Club closures period , they included


  1. Portable Toilets.   $11,300 plus plumbing cost $2,948.   Total $14,258.
  2. Line Marking.   Included disabled areas to Aust. Standards and new signs plus speed humps on roadway!  Total $5,656
  3. Solar Panels.  99 panels on roof of Club house with monitoring system.    Total $50,000


The first Club lock down was on 23rd March. We re-opened late June-early July for 23 days. The second lock down started 15th July until – – – who knows??           The Club house timber floor was stripped and re-sealed, and the carpet deep cleaned. Cost $1200. Due to three break- ins since Christmas and two vandal attacks we increased our outdoor security.  Two security cameras were mounted back to back under the front veranda which covered the full frontage of the Club house and the green in front. Cost $2,700. On the front of the Green keepers shed we mounted two cameras, one at each end to cover the shed and the green in front.  A third camera was placed on the rear of the shed to cover the back gate. Cost $3,500.   We also plan to mount solar motion sensor lights on the front of the shed.

Barry Allman  Project Director.

Social Functions

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation and restrictions there were no social or Barefoot Bowls functions held from mid February 2020 and a number of booked events had to be cancelled. However a number of social and Barefoot bowls events did happen prior to that which were successful and did generate valuable income for the Club

As the social secretary I would like to thank Gayle Faulkner ,  Fran Gaut , Rob Telling , for their excellent work in organising the Christmas Social, especially Gayle for the tremendous effort in collecting all the payments as well as her great knowledge from past years events.

I would also like to thank the Fantastic band of volunteers who helped out with all the functions during the year, I will not try to name them all as I might leave someone out, needless to say please accept my thanks and I’m sure all the people who attended these functions extreme gratitude for your help as these functions could not have taken place and have been the great success that they were without you. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU .

As with all clubs we rely so much on so few to do a huge amount . So PLEASE if you can volunteer your help in any way, not just for social functions but any of the numerous jobs that need doing around our great club don’t be backward in coming forward and putting you name in to help the band of ageing volunteers, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Finally I would like to say a special thanks to Alan Dans for his fantastic performance in the kitchen.

His culinary expertise was outstanding, and was spoken of with high praise from all the function organisers we dealt with

Jim Michael

Social Secretary

Finance Report 2019/2020 as at 31/03/2020.

I present a report of the Club finances at the end of our financial year on 31st March 2020.

While writing this report I remind members that the shutdown of the Club due to the current COVID-19 pandemic does not affect these figures, the first shutdown commenced on 23rd March 2020, just a week shy of the end of our financial year.

Overall, 2019/2020 was a reasonable year for the Club with the Board committing to a number of infrastructure projects over the 12 months. These included:

  • Installation of the outdoor toilets (August 2019).
  • Installation of 99 solar panels (August 2019) to the Club roof.
  • Contracting of a paid coach on a 2 year contract.
  • Initiating new outdoor tables for barefoot bowls functions and corporate nights.
  • Re-lining of front car park, reaffirming disabled car parks and installing speed humps along with new traffic directional signage at our entries and exits.
  • Installation of new entry door (following break in December 2019).

Again, the sub-committees made an excellent contribution to the Club. Transfers to the General Account were as follows:

Bowls Committee                               $33,000.00
Tournament Committee                      $26,000.00
Bingo                                                   $   6,000.00
Catering                                              $13,000.00
Gaming Machines                               $  4,000.00
Membership                                        $46,779.00
Bar                                                      $70,000.00
Sundries (Interest etc)                         $  2,241.01

Total                                                    $201,020.01


Income v Expenses

The total income over the past 12 months fell by around $14K this would be due to the fact that the Club gained around $24K last financial year for the hosting of the Australian Blind Bowlers Championship. This income was not available in 19/20.

Taking into account the following, income virtually equalled our expenditure. There were a few were a few ‘one off’ payments and some circumstances that should be factored into this result.

One – off payments

  • Concrete expenses for new toilet block $2,000.00
  • Car park line marking $5,656.00
  • Outdoor trestle tables $1,300.00
  • New ride on mower (Monday Crew) $2,980.00

Costs associated with break-in & theft (23/12/2019)

  • New safe – Bar office $1,155.00
  • Large safe – opened and re keyed $    00
  • New door – rear of Clubhouse $4,510.00
  • Cash loss – as result of theft $5,000.00
  • Sankey Security $    00

As you may be aware, the Club was broken into on 23rd December 2019. The safe that was located in the bar office was stolen resulting in a loss of $5,000.00 in cash takings and bar floats. The costs associated with the break in are listed above and totalled around $12K.

An insurance claim was lodged through our broker (BCIB) however the claim was not settled in the 19/20 Fin Year. Our claim was settled for $11,334.09 and was paid the Club on 06/05/2020; this will show in next year’s financial reporting.

Cash Balances as at 31/03/2020

General Account (No.1)                                 $  7,215.20
Bingo                                                               $  1,019.78
Catering                                                          $  1,635.15
Tournament                                                     $      908.03
Bar                                                                  $  7,950.58
Gaming                                                            $      819.83
Bowls                                                              $  4,265.36
Investment A/C                                               $50,000.00

Total   – Cash at hand                                    $73,811.00

Loan Account – Line of Credit

As at 31/03/2020 we owed the Bendigo Bank $80,000.00 on our line of credit, this has been reduced over the 19/20 Fin Year by $5,000.00.

Both the Solar Panels and the new Toilet Block structure were paid from the loan account and cost as follows:

  • Solar panel installation $ 49,932.08
  • Toilet Block Structure (A & A Portables) $ 12,441.00
  • Plumbing costs (toilet installation) $   2,848.00

As you can see these were not inexpensive purchases but we believe that both projects will be an important asset to the Club in the future.

Solar Panels

As outlined above the solar panels were installed in August 2019 and were up and functional in September 2019 once we connected through our supplier, Momentum Energy. Although with the current shut down it is a little difficult to compare costs, here is a snapshot of bills comparing this year to the previous year.

The savings are quite considerable; however a true indication will be when we can have a full uninterrupted trading year.


The last few months have been quite a challenge. Whist the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 lockdown do not affected the figures that we are reporting for Fin Year 19/20, there will be no doubt that we will be in for a difficult 12 months.

The Board has been meeting all through the lockdown, mostly by phone hook up on a monthly basis, sometimes more. Forefront of our minds was the path the Club would take to get through lockdown/shutdown.

We agreed that we would need to ask the members’ if they could pay their fees a month early to give the Club the cash flow to keep going. As an incentive we agreed that if members could pay early a $20.00 discount would be applicable on 2021/22 membership. The response was truly amazing!

Thank you to all the members who paid and to those who donated extra to assist the Club. We cannot thank you enough, you have made a huge difference, but like someone said to me, that is part of being a Club through good times and bad. We understand the frustration at not being able to go to the Club and connect with your fellow members, but the safety and health of all of our members is our priority.

The following has also been implemented:

  • $11,000.00 of grants received from the State Government.
  • Our greenkeeper Doug Agnew has offered to take half payment of his contract to assist the Club.
  • Cleaning contract has been suspended.
  • Rubbish collection (Suez) has been suspended and is now on an ‘on call’ service.
  • Sanitary service through Initial has been suspended.
  • CUB has repurchased the kegs remaining from the first lockdown.
  • Club’s Liquor Licence fee has been refunded.

I would like to thank all the sub-committee treasurers for their great work throughout the year, Pat Garden (Catering), Denise Kirby (Bowls), June Simmons (Bingo), Jackie MacKay (Tournament), Lyn Cameron (Tournament), Brian Smith (Gaming), Neville Roper (Bar), Geoff Lade (Membership), Kay Rawlingson (Welfare).

On a personal note I would like to thank my fellow Board members for their support and work throughout the year, it has not been an easy time but all Directors have the Club at heart and are working through all the problems that arise during these crazy times.

Also to Drew Pallot who has assisted me through the break in sagas over the last few months, your support has been fantastic.

Finally thanks to Neville Roper who continues to assist me with the Club (and Bar) finances, your support is very much appreciated.

None of us can say what will present itself over the next 12 months, but we need to stick together and come out with a Club that will be bigger and better than ever!

Stephen Rawlingson
Finance Director