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During tight COVID-19 restrictions, we may look at online rink bookings for roll-ups.  This would alleviate the workload and number of telephone calls volounteers would need to handle.  However, be assured that you can still book by telephone if you prefer or if you don’t have access to the internet.

Remember – this is a TRIAL only – you’re not booking in to have a roll-up just yet.   The TRIAL is based on restrictions of 10 player per green i.e.  5 rinks x 2 greens, and 2 players per rink.   There is a 1 hour roll-up allocation and a 30 min change-over, i.e. 15 mins for you to leave and 15 mins for the next player(s) to arrive and be ready to play at their allocated time.    Once a timeslot is full it will grey out and no longer be available.  Mondays are all greyed out so not available for booking.  Phone bookings will still be available for those without internet.

The system isn’t perfect, but we believe it could be useful if our members are willing to give it a try.  We would be grateful if as many members as possible can try it out. Please feel free to leave comments in the comments section at the bottom of your booking.    If you have booked correctly, you will be taken to a thank you page.   Please ensure you use  your correct email as you will receive an email confirmation of your booked time(s) and date(s).     Thanks for testing out the booking system.

Jackie MacKay



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